Daftar Judul dan Pembimbing Tugas Akhir Mahasiswa Tahun 2017 (Edisi 25/04/2017)




Judul TA

Pembimbing TA

1. Dinda Maresa 15734/ 2010 Improving Listening to Descriptive Text by Using Note Taking Strategy (Study for Senior High School Students) Dra. Aryuliva Adnan, M.Pd
2. Rini Safitri 1201051/ 2012 An Analysis of Contextual and Lexical Meaning in Adele Song Delvi Wahyuni, S.S, M.A
3. Erin Diniati 1300980/ 2013 Comparison of Figurative Language Between Punk Songs Lyric by “Paramore” and “Simple Plan” Fitrawati, S.S., M.Pd
4. Sonia Rizki 1301015/ 2013 Characteristic of Supporting Expression by Politician Supporter in Social Media Leni Marlina, S.S, M.A
5. Cut Merya Agusmita 1106026/ 2011 An Analysis of Conversational Maxim Violation Used by Male and Female Announcer to Listener of RRI Pro2 FM Padang Leni Marlina, S.S, M.A
6. Roysan Fariq 1300961/ 2013 Using ELC Study Zone to Increase Students of Senior High School Reading Skill Dr. Jufri, M.Pd
7. Nella Gustina 1300908/ 2013 Using Word or Sentence-Picture Matching Exercise  to Enhance the Vocabulary Achievement of 7th Grade Students Prof. Drs. Rusdi, M.A, Ph.D
8. Putri Nanda Laina 1300954/ 2013 Using Online Comic to Improve Students’ Vocabulary for Junior High School Leni Marlina, S.S, M.A
9. Rahma Jelita 1100977/ 2011 Using “Simon Says”Games to Enrich the Third Students’ Primary School Vocabulary Dra. An Fauzia Rozani Syafei, M.A
10. Della Oferischa 1305376/ 2013 Using Group Investigation Technique in Teaching Speaking at Senior High School Desvalini Anwar, S.S, M.Hum, Ph.D
11. Elsa Seprima Dara 1300958/ 2013 Improving Students’ Achievement on Writing Recount Text through a Personal Letter at Senior High School Desvalini Anwar, S.S, M.Hum, Ph.D
12. Wafiq Aziza 1300953/ 2013 The Use of Pictionary Game to Improve Young Learners’ Vocabulary Mastery Sitti Fatimah, S.S., M.Ed, Ph.D
13. Fitri Nova Anggraini 1100994/ 2011 Teaching Speaking through Retelling Vacation Experience to Junior High School Students Sitti Fatimah, S.S., M.Ed, Ph.D
14. Dwi Nova Yuningsih 1305355/ 2013 Using “I Do, We Do, You Do” Technique to Teach Writing Descriptive Text to Junior High School Students Fitrawati, S.S, M.Pd
15. Mutya Qutarul Aini 1300903/ 2013 Improving Student’s Vocabulary through Nursery Rhymes to Young Learners Dra. An Fauzia Rozani Syafei, M.A
16. Suci Erza 1305391/ 2013 Craracteristic of Bullying Expression Used by Haters Towards Indonesia Women Entertainers Dr. Hamzah, M.A, M.M
17. Widya Akhira 1305406/ 2013 A Comparative Study of Language Between Advertisement Language in Kids Products and Adult Products Advertisement Dr. Jufri, M.Pd
18. Rani Evadewi 1300998/ 2013 A Socio-Semantic Analysis of English Slang Word Used in RAP Music Eminem Songs Prof. Dr. Jufrizal, M.Hum
19. Fenny Fauziyah 1305399/ 2013 English Word Formation Process of Advertisement Boards in Padang City Drs. Saunir, M.Pd
20. Dila Ramayanti 1305394/ 2013 Vocalization in Interpreting Emotional Expressions as Found in Daily Conversation at Boarding House (Parkit 1 16B) Padang Leni Marlina, S.S., M.A
21. Abni Sintia Hasta 1301001/ 2013 An Analysis of Presupposition in the BBC Indonesian Headline News Leni Marlina, S.S., M.A
22. Faizah Mujahidaturrahmah 1300996/ 2013 The Lexical Comparisons Between Tebing Tinggi and Siguntur Sub-Dialect from Dharmasraya With the Standard Minangkabaunese Drs. Saunir, M.Pd
23. Pinta Indriani 1300985/ 2013 The Comparisons Between Visions-Missions Statement and Types of Safire on Jakarta Governor Election Debate 2017 Fitrawati, S.S, M.Pd
24. Surrahman Abdi 1300987/ 2013 A Study of Old Jaya Word Adopted in Bahasa Indonesia Fitrawati, S.S, M.Pd
25. Rahmadani 1300976/ 2013 An Analysis of Address Terms in “ Frozen” Movie Delvi Wahyuni, S.S, M.A
26. Nisjatul Miranda 1300978/ 2013 An Analysis of Speech Features Used by “ Susi Pudjiastuti” Based on Lakoff’s Theory Dr. Hamzah, M.A, M.M
27. Cici Permata Sari 12210/ 2009 Using Situation Comedy in Teaching Listening Transactional and Interpesonal Text on Senior High School Dra. An Fauzia Rozani Syafei, M.A
28. Indah Nadya Irnanda 1300988/ 2013 An Analysis of Conversational Implicature as Found in American Movie “The Impossible” Dr. Hamzah, M.A, M.M
29. Dolla Vania Petriandy 1305390/ 2013 Illocutionary Acts Found in Donald Trump Speech Leni Marlina, S.S, M.A
30. Anggun Pratiwi 1205318/ 2012 The Implementation of Interactive  Technique: TV Commercial in Teaching Speaking for Junior High School Prof. Drs. Rusdi, M.A, Ph.D
31. Anggarda Paramitha 1205347/ 2012 Types of Abbreviation Used in Instagram Leni Marlina, S.S, M.A
32. Ilham Mufti 96528/ 2009 Using Determining Importance Strategy in Teaching Reading Comprehension at Senior High School Drs. Don Narius, M.Si
33. Amelia Aziz 1300993/ 2013 Analysis of Sarcasm Found in Talk Show Indonesian Lawak Klub Trans 7 Leni Marlina, S.S, M.A