Using Flashcard Of Cartoon Characters To Teach Vocabulary To Elementary School Students

Penulis          : Reisha Rahma Agus / 1205288 / 2012 / KP Pembimbing : Dr. Zul Amri, M.Ed. Abstract Teaching English for young learners is one of the difficult things, if we remember there is more than a hundred thousand word of it. Moreover, something that should be remember is there might be many ways which […]

Teaching Vocabulary To Junior High School Students By Using Kick Me Technique

Penulis          : Afdal Yuliansyah / 1201006 / 2012 / KP Pembimbing : Fitrawati, S.S, M.Pd. Abstract Vocabulary is an important factor in learning a language. People will not be able to listening, speaking, reading, and writing without mastering vocabulary. Also in learning English, vocabulary has an important role. However, not all of the Junior High […]