Using “Mime Game” to Teach Vocabulary to Young Learners

Penulis          : Mardhatillah / 1200983 / 2012 / KP Pembimbing : Dr. Ratmanida, M.Ed. Abstract In this paper, the author discusses the use of ‘mime game’ in teaching English vocabulary for young learners. To teach young learners, we must first understand their characteristics and needs. The fact is that young learners love to play. […]

Using Songs to Teach English to Young Learners

Penulis          : Aulia Fransischa / 1200968 / 2012 / KP Pembimbing : Dra. An Fauzia Rozani Syafei, M.A. Abstract This paper explains about the implementation of using songs to teach English to young learners. The songs that can be used are popular songs for young learners. At the beginning of the activity, teacher introduces the […]