Improving Students Narrative Reading Comprehension Through Guided Reading for Junior High School

Penulis        : Rahadian Suryanta / 1205284 / 2012 / KP Pembimbing: Fitrawati, S.S., M.A. Abstract This paper explains about the implementation of “Guided Reading” strategy in teaching reading especially in teaching narrative text. In this strategy, the teacher chooses the Read more

The Use of Reward and Punishment to Increase Young Learners’ Motivation in Learning English as Foreign Languange Adapted to Indonesian Context

Penulis          : Irawati / 1200976 / 2012 / KP Pembimbing : Dra. An Fauzia Rozani Syafei, M.A. Abstract This paper explains about the use of reward and punishment to increase young learners’ motivation in learning English as foreign language in Read more